Friend of the Choir

By becoming a Friend of the Choir you are part of the Choir’s extended family and will make a valuable contribution to their continuing activities.

Your monthly donation will help these beautiful, talented children bring joy to audiences around the world while spreading the message about the plight of all the vulnerable children back in Africa.

The African Children’s Choirâ„¢ touring program puts an onerous financial burden on the organization.

The children with the busFriends of the Choir help meet the considerable costs of Choir selection and training in Africa, travel costs, medical needs and living expenses as the Choirs tour abroad.

This is a most rewarding way of giving to the children and chaperones who give so much to spread joy and hope wherever they travel.

As part of their extended family, from time to time you will receive updates on the Choir’s news, activities, and new CDs.

Pledge a monthly gift in the amount of your choice and be among a special group of people who make the Choir tours successful.

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