Quotes About the Choir

What a wonderful experience it was to work with the African Children’s choir™. They turned this song into a double-dose of optimism and hope for the future. Their pure sweet joy is like a breath of fresh air.

Bill Gaither

Being with the children from the Choir took me directly to their homeland, their hearts, their reality… it was as though God was in the room, like He was reassuring us all that this cause was so real, so right, so critical. My heart will always be with these children, and all of the children of Africa who have come to face such adversity. It has been such an honour to become acquainted with both these children, and the very organization itself.

Chantal Kreviazuk

It was truly a thrill for us collaborate with the African Children’s Choir™. We are thankful for their voices and their stories – what a beautiful way to communicate the struggles and the joys of Africa! We love the creativity of Africans as they support and represent hope for many orphans back in Africa

Charlie Lowell and Jars of Clay

Thank you for the wonderful photos of the children. It has been six months since the Choir visited us and still, not a week goes by that someone does not mention the children and the gift we were given when we were allowed to host them. You have all become a part of our family and we pray for everyone involved in your mission of love for the world.

Mount Royal United Church, Quebec

It has been very powerful and a real blessing to have the Choir here. The love of the Lord was flowing between the children and the audience. If heaven is even like this – wow! It made us forget the challenges of life, especially with what we are going through here after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina

Bethany Lutheran, Slidell LA

At a concert eleven years ago, I was touched by these children and my life was changed forever. Just recently we saw the African Children’s Choir again and my spirit was renewed and my convictions were strengthened, to share with otherwise, the spirit and the need for these children in our world.

Linda Cooper-Cross Lutheran Church – Yorkville, IL

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